Specially Designed for Job Professionals and Business owners.

શીખો એક એવી પદ્ધતિ જેને 25,000 કરતાં વધારે લોકોને ભયમુક્ત ઇંગ્લિશ સ્પીકર કર્યા છે!

ગ્રામરના અઘરા નિયમો અને અટપટા શબ્દો ગોખ્યા વગર... 

When:- Starts at 11th March, Monday, 8:30 PM

A Program for EVERYONE ...

  • 100% Tried and Tested Formula
  • Master the Fastest Way to Speak English using 3 Secrets Triangle Method
  • Translate Gujarati to English Effortlessly, in your head using 1 Step (ROT Method)
  • Mental Programming Tips & Tricks to get Unbeatable Results
  • Experience drastic improvement within days …. Not Months!
  • Public Speaking like an Expert - With No Notes (Secret TQSQ Technique)
  • 5 FREE Bonuses to make you an English Speaking Champion
  • Your investment? Only INR 199/- and 60 mins daily (5 days)
“69 વર્ષની ઉમરે તૃષાર ભાઇનો અનુભવ, જુઓ આ વિડિયો”
તૃષાર પટેલ, વડોદરા


The Good news is that he is not the only one who tasted success in my …..

10x your English Fluency without learning complicated grammar

With 4 Hour Hypnotic English system 

*Special Price. After 250 Registrations, Regular Price INR 1,999/-

This program has helped 25,000+ Working professionals in the last 3.5 year...
  • Grow their business by communicating better
  • Crack interviews in MNC companies
  • Become role models for family and friends circle
  • Make Plans to Travel Abroad with Confidence
  • Plan Higher Studies with complete peace of mind
  • Transform into a Public Speaker and get invited everywhere to speak
  • Wow their Boss to get promotion, growth & respect!
  •  Above screenshots are from past workshop attendees where we had 150+ students. Most people experienced transformation within the first 2 days!

Before joining the program, most of these students did ALL of the following! ....

  • Searching on Google for tips and tricks
  • Using dictionaries to improve vocabulary
  • Watching English Movies with Subtitles
  • Buying English Speaking Books from Amazon(old techniques, also full of grammatical mistakes)
  • Reading Chetan Bhagat Novels .....
  • But none of these techniques helped improve their spoken English.

I am not surprised!

Because these techniques did not work for me too when I started learning Spoken English …..Are you in the same boat?

If yes, my Workshop is designed for someone just like you …..

Bring Your Life Transformation into action with my …

10x your English Fluency without learning complicated grammar

With 4 Hour Hypnotic English system 


*Special Price. After 250 Registrations, Regular Price INR 1,999/-

Your Goal is to speak English confidently. But do you also want to?

  • Save Time - Learn it Faster in Lesser Time
  • Save Money - Nothing beats INR 199/- One time payment
  • Learn Effortlessly - This is a model that simply works!

Most of my Students tell me this Workshop is a fun and ZERO pressure way to learn ....

My friend, my business is very selfish.

It's Success is based on your English Speaking Success.

One thing is guaranteed though!

I can help you only if you take the 1st step .....

*Special Price. After 250 Registrations, Regular Price INR 1,999/-

Maybe, you do not need this.

But do you know someone else who does? And do you want to gift this workshop to them as a surprise.

In Short, this program works for ANYONE.

Businessman or Entrepreneur

Grow your Business by communicating better with clients and customers!

Working Professional

Boost your Career with the power of great communication skills at work.

Student or Graduate

Make a Great first impression and Crack that MNC Interview!

Gift this Program and help transform their life .....

*Special Price. After 250 Registrations, Regular Price INR 1,999/-

What is Unique about this Workshop?

5 Days of Live High Energy Learning

5hrs+ High Quality Video Training

Powerful Support System

Interactive Q&A Sessions

5 LIVE Mega Session 

We Ourselves were Shocked to realize the Life changing effect this Program had on over our 25,000+ Working professionals ….. 

Wait, there's even more ......

What's more, if you Register Today, you will 


INR 3,995/-


🎙️ BONUS: Exclusive Recordings for Enhanced Learning 🎙️

Valued at INR 1999

Master the power of fearless speaking in 5 days with the special recording support. 

Each day after the live session we will also share a recording of the session for revision .

The access of all the recordings will be available during the workshop only.


📚 BONUS: Instant Access to our Exclusive Ebook 📚

Valued at INR 499

As a special bonus in our 5-day program will receive immediate access to our comprehensive live session study material in ebook format. This invaluable resource is designed to turbocharge your learning experience, providing you with essential tools, exercises, and insights to boost your English speaking skills.


📝 BONUS: Exclusive English Speaking Checklist 📝

Valued at INR 499

As a special bonus for joining our 5-day program, you'll receive an exclusive English Speaking Checklist. This valuable resource is designed to guide you on your path to confident communication. With this checklist, you can track your progress, set goals, and ensure you make the most of your learning experience.


📖 BONUS: Vocabulary Template with Examples 📖

Valued at INR 499

As a special bonus for enrolling in our 5-day program, you'll gain access to a valuable Vocabulary Template with real-life examples. This resource is tailored to enhance your vocabulary and language proficiency. It provides you with a structured framework and practical examples to help you express yourself with confidence.


📚 BONUS: Exclusive Workbook with Practical Examples 📚

Valued at INR 499

As a special bonus for enrolling in our 5-day program, you'll receive access to an invaluable Workbook packed with practical examples. This comprehensive resource is designed to accelerate your English speaking skills by providing hands-on exercises and real-life examples. It's your roadmap to fluent and fearless communication.

With my personally signed Certificate, I want to make sure everyone comes out a Winner in this Workshop ....


INR 3,995/-

Register Today and you get to keep these BONUSES with you FOREVER!

*Special Price. After 250 Registrations, Regular Price INR 1,999/-

Daily Time Table


Discover the 3 Secrets to Speak English Fluently & Confidently


How to Speak like a Native English Speaker - No Pen, No Paper


How to talk with 10X Confidence to any stranger without hesitation


How to Prepare your presentation instantly with the TQSQ method & ROT rule


NEXT LEVEL - Scaling Your Zero to Hero English Speaking Journey


I help people live better lives by improving their speaking and communication skills. I have been doing this for over 10+ years offline and last 3.5 years online.  I have been fortunate and blessed to impact over 20,000 lives over a period of years through trainings. I specialise in English Speaking, Mind Training and Communication skills overall. 

I am very much a family man, and I love reading and teaching the Shreemad Bagavad Gita and staying in touch with my Spiritual pursuits.

At the Digital Speaking Academy, he taught an audience of largely Non-Native Speakers and helped us all feel more confident speaking English. I have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and family.

Christine Frey
International Public Speaker, UK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it a recorded course or a live event?

This package is my unique method that combines:

  • 5 hours+ of High Quality Video based training - Watch when you want!
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions - with Me to Ask and Learn!
  • 5 LIVE Mega Session
Q: What results can I expect from a 5-day program like this?

This program has benefited over 15000+ Gujarati speakers over the past 3 years alone.

As a native Gujarati speaker, I struggled with learning English speaking too.

I have put my 10 years of teaching experience to come up with simple yet powerful methods that simply work.

This program gives you the right formula - the right methods and right path to master English speaking provided you practice.


Q: Is this an advanced English speaking workshop?

A: It’s not an advanced workshop at all. 

In fact, this workshop is for everyone who wants to improve their English speaking and take it to the next level.

Please check the testimonials where you will find businessmen, working professionals and students of diverse backgrounds.

Q. How can I access the Course?

A: Once you register by clicking the Red button on this page, you will redirected to a thank you page where details of our Private Whatsapp group will be mentioned for you to join.

All Workshop updates about resources etc will be shared in this Private Whatsapp group.

Q: I work in a job full-time. What if I miss a Class?

A: Please ensure you try and attend any Q&A sessions.

Also, do not miss the Day 5 Mega Session. 

Otherwise, you can go through the lessons any time you want, using your login.

Q: What is the Timing of the Class?

A: Daily interactions will happen at fixed timings every day which will be announced in advance. 

Otherwise, you can go through my personally recorded lessons any time you want. 24 by 7.

Q: What if I have questions during the Workshop? Where do I ask them?

A: I have scheduled multiple interactions and Q&A sessions for discussion. 

Also, I have a dedicated Facebook group for all learners, where you can ask any question and I will personally respond to it and help you out.

Q: Will I get any Study or Practice Material?

A: Yes! You shall get Templates at the end of each session.

You will also get all Promised Bonuses on the 5th Day!

Q: Is it INR 199/- One time Payment or every month?

A: Payment to be a part of this wonderful program is One time only.


Q: Will I get Lifetime Access to Videos?

A: This is designed as a Workshop and not an online course. So you do not get lifetime access.

I understand that you may want to access the videos for revision again. So extended access will be provided for 2 extra days after completion of 5th day (after Mega webinar).

Q: Can I download the videos?

A: The Videos are shared in the member's area, you cannot download them however you can watch it anytime you want - any number of times you want.

All you need is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet connection.

Take the First Step towards transforming your life!

*Special Price. After 250 Registrations, Regular Price INR 1,999/-


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No Guarantees: We do not make any income or guarantee claims through this program. We provide you the right techniques and system to follow, which if practiced, will give you good to great results.